Stepping Stone 2010 / Repertoire Requirements / Cello

Historical Information

The information contained on this page is related to an older edition of the competition. It is made available for archival purposes only. For the most current information, please go to Stepping Stone 2020.

General directives

Notice: Your repertoire list must comply with the “Repertoire Guidelines”, as specified in the rules.

First Elimination

  1. One of the following works:
    • Davidoff: À la Fontaine
    • Fauré: Papillons
    • Popper: Elfentanz
    • Tchaikovsky: Pezzo capriccioso
  2. Two contrasting movements (including the Prelude) of the Suite No. 4, 5 or 6 by J.S. Bach.
  3. Two consecutive movements (including the slow movement) of a sonata or a concerto from the classical period (except Beethoven).
  4. One complete work or a group of movements or one movement of your selection.

Maximum time: 40 minutes


  1. A sonata by Beethoven.
  2. One major romantic work or two romantic works by one composer (excluding concerto).
  3. One or two works from the 20th or 21st century.
  4. A Canadian work written after 1950.

Maximum time: 60 minutes


  1. One complete concerto.

No time limit