Canadian Music Competition

The Art of Exceeding Expectations

Are you passionate about classical music? The Canadian Music Competition might be the challenge you are looking for.

Discover the National annual competition and the biennial Stepping Stone competition: two prestigious music competitions, a Canadian network, prizes and national recognition, exciting challenges, and a source of inspiration and pride!

  • 2014 Gala Concert Soloists: Leonid Nediak, Hugo Laporte, Mari Coetzee, Kerry Waller, Mariya Orlenko and Kerson Leong.
  • 2014 Stepping Stone winners: Yolanda Bruno, 2nd prize; Kerson Leong, 1st prize, and Jean-Luc Therrien, 3rd prize.
  • Back row: Kerry Waller, Grand Prize 19-30 years; Hugo Laporte, 1st place Voice 22 years; Mari Coetzee, Grand Prize 15-18 years; Samuel B. Gagnon, Grand Prize 15-18 years / Front row: Leonid Nediak, Grand Prize 7-10 years; Mariya Orlenko, Grand Prize 11-14 years.
  • 2014 Gala Concert: Mariya Orlenko with the Orchestre symphonique de Québec under the baton of Gilles Auger.
  • Marie-Josèphe Lemay (CMC Executive Director) alongside 2014 Stepping Stone finalists: Jean-Luc Therrien, Yolanda Bruno, Eleanor Kendra James, Luri Lee, Kerson Leong, Jacqueline Woodley, as well as CMC coordinator Sara Frattolillo.
  • Gilles Auger, Sandra Corneau, Sara Frattolillo, Airat Ichmouratov, Raffi Armenian, Jamie Syer, Kerry Waller, Jennifer Tung, Hugo Laporte, Leonid Nediak, Mari Coetzee, Mariya Orlenko, Samuel B. Gagnon, Marie-Josèphe Lemay, Marieve Bock and Vincent Lauzer.

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